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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Math Mammoth- TOS review

   I was recently given the opportunity to review the math program, Math Mammoth.  I was impressed from the very beginning because Maria Miller, the creator of Math Mammoth, wanted to know how she could help me.  What were my needs?  I told her that my daughter was struggling with multiplication and she advised me as to how and where I should start.  Customer service with Math Mammoth is wonderful!

   Math Mammoth offers complete grade curriculums (from 1-8) as well as supplemental math programs.  The supplemental programs include worksheets by topic, worksheets by grade and Make it Real Learning.  Make it Real Learning products are workbooks that contain activities or problem situations taken from real-life, with real data.  There are also placement tests on their site to assist you in choosing the correct program for your child.  Although the choices may appear overwhelming, please keep in mind that Math Mammoth offers free pages to download!  This is a great way to find out what truly will suit your needs.

   My daughter and I started with Multiplication 1.  (Maria Miller generously sent me Multiplication 1&2 and Multiplication/Division in the Green series!)

 Multiplication 1 includes:
-Multiplication Concept
-Multiplication on a Number Line
-Guide for effective oral drilling
-Structured Study of the multiplication tables
-Word Problems
-Order of Operations

   Math Mammoth is written for the student so they can do the work mostly, if not completely, by themselves.  I loved this.  My daughter was able to do 2 pages (her daily assignment) a day quite independently.  Just print your pages and you are ready to go!  I liked how the program incorporated the number line, word problems and even measurement!  It kept things interesting and yet not overwhelming.  After using this program my daughter still dislikes math but at least her multiplication skills have improved!:)  

The blue series of supplemental books are very reasonably priced ($2-$7 each as a download).  *Starting this month the PDFs in the download version of this product are now available for annotation.  This means that if you prefer, your child can fill them in on the computer, using the typewrite and drawing tools in Acrobat Reader version 9 or greater.*
The books are also available in a printed version.

The complete curriculum (1st-6th grade) series are $34 for a download.

Click here to see what other TOS members thought of Math Mammoth.

*I was given Math Mammoth downloads in exchange for my honest opinion.  No other compensation was received.*

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Nikki said...

Maria is wonderful and Math Mammoth's customer service is great! We are working on multiplication and division here too. :)